Nevertheless, she persisted

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Figure 1. Me preparing to fight bees in my yard. Selfie from Sep, 2020

I’m Varun Chari, a CS major @ UMD, class of 2024. I also happen to be in the Scholar’s living and learning program, under Science 🥼, Discovery 🔍 & the Universe 🌌. For my freshmen year, I’m attending remotely.

I hope to meet other students with different experiences than me, so we can share ideas and perspectives. I want to step outside my comfort zone of CS/Math. So far I’ve taken a business course, and next semester I’m dipping my toes in philosophy.

I joined SDU to learn about the ethical consideration of scientific research. Science doesn’t exist in a vacuum, the discoveries made and funding given are usually influenced by more than just scientific curiosity. The other reason was the awe of being able to learn about our universe and the biggest scales.

I love learning new programming languages and math. I read in my free time, though there hasn’t been much of that lately.

Feel free to call me hybras, It’s my 2nd name at this point. In the Artemis Fowl bookseries, by Eoin Colfer, the island of Hybras is the home of demons, exiled from the timeline. I guess I just liked the name (I don’t really know, I began using the name years after reading the books).

As for my pfp, I chanced upon it while searching for Star Wars iconography. I don’t know where it comes from, and Google Image search (beware long link) hasn’t been helpful in pinning it down.

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