Nevertheless, she persisted

Sorry we never got to have that meeting about how you guys would take over!

  1. The Google Account (everything starts here)
    2. You will need to use the password reset (Ms. Dhrolia’s is the recovery email)
    3. All passwords are in the password manager.
    4. Login to Chrome browser with the account (should happen automatically) and activate sync. This autofills passwords.
  2. There are club and board shared google drives.
    1. Dhrolia is admin. Have her add you guys
    2. There are a lot of important documents here, including records of our work, publicity stuff, and HackNB planning.
    3. Remove us oldies from the drives
  3. Github
    1. We have a github organization
    2. Github creds should be with the google account. The browser will autofill login. You can also check the password manager
    3. There are 2 admins: nbttech-main and Ms. Dhrolia
    4. Have Ms. Dhrolia or the admin account add ya’ll. Do not make yourselves admins!!! That’s what the admin accoutn is for
  4. Slack
    1. The admin login should be in the password manager account. It may not be the google login, but the generic email login. Check the password manager. If slack is there, its the generic email option.
      1. If it is, link the club’s google account to the slack admin account.
    2. Admin account is not for human-to-human interactions, only adding bots and changing server settings
    3. Dunno if it works, but please have people use the sign up with google option, using their SCHOOL GOOGLE accounts. Don’t want people remembering another login.
    4. Use this opportunity to clear msg history and re-org the slack. Its messy
    5. Feel free to add/remove channels on demand
    6. IMPORTANT: Kick all old poeple out
  5. Trello
    1. The previous board used this to coordinate. You need not.
    2. The admin login is (you guessed it) the google account.
    3. Ur gonna have to kick out cuz oldies cuz trello limits the number of people.
    4. Trello is a todo list on steriods, not human interaction (thats slack)
  6. Canva
    1. Google login
    2. Cool flyers and pages and stuff
    3. We used to design hackathon flyers
    4. Dakshal’s designs are still there
  7. The website
    1. Have someone sign up for github student USING THEIR PERSONAL GITHUB ACCOUNT (prolly the webmaster???)
    2. Its Repo
    3. In the github student pack, there an offer for a free .tech domain registration (yes we cheap). If its not there, use any of the other domain name offers. Any will do.
    4. We deploy to netlify
      1. The link is to their docs on setting the website’s domain.
      2. Read the earlier steps for deploying
  8. We maintain a school presence.
    1. Solicit ideas from admins and students.
    2. Leftover idea: adding bus positioning so students can find bus
    3. Ms. Rafano is bursting with ideas. Treat her with utmost respect and she will do the same.