Nevertheless, she persisted

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I watched Evolution Only Breaks Things, a talk by Nathan Lents about fallacies in Intelligent Design.

I don’t think this talk would have convinced anyone in "ID camp" or on the fence. The talk was on the technical side, and focused exclusively on a single individual within the ID movement (albeit one of the few with Biology credentials). Mr. Lunts did not talk about most of the arguments for/against ID either. This talk seemed targeted towards individuals already intimately familiar with the ID movement.

Lunts attacked Behe directly in different ways (these are the ones I remember): he called into account Behe’s motives, religious background, and refusal to talk with Lunts / other critics. The last one was out of line, and the second one could’ve been avoided. The first point was important for showing that he had arrived at a conclusion and was working backwards to find evidence that supported his position.

I’m not entirely sure if this talk was supposed to be about the ID movement as a whole, or just Behe. Of course, either way this event was just PR for Lent’s book (no shame about that).