Nevertheless, she persisted

We went the Smithsonian. I took the metro to DC for the first time. I was glad to have Dom and Zach with me to explain the route and how to purchase a metrocard. When we arrived to the station, 2 of the machines were not working. I used one, it ran out of cards, and of course promptly stopped working as well. I love public transportation in America so much.

We also checked out the museum of African art. It was a beautiful building with an amazing staircase. There were exhibits about Nollywood, dresses that mixed fashion styles, and lots of pieces I didn’t understand.

The museum seems to be targeting elementary schoolers. It didn’t bother me too much, there were plenty of display cards that weren’t forcefully playful or perky. Science museums target this age group. I could tell from the bright colors used in displays,shorter words, and the way the definitions of technical terms were given. I think the museum could me more attractive non children.

I absolutely loved the garden lounge. It wasn’t really and exhibit, but the room was beautiful, with its plants and large windows. The exhibit my group was at before was very crowded and hot. The lounge was a good place to relax and cool down. I should’ve taken photos here.

Overall the excursion was great, I wish it didn’t feel so shoehorned into the end of the semester.


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