Nevertheless, she persisted

After a day of "work" (well, not just work, really anything on my computer), my head will hurt and my thoughts race. Its usually just endless tangents from whatever happened that day. I’m unable to go to sleep when this happens. Sitting in bed in the dark (sensory deprivation) doesn’t help. Sometimes my thought have raced for hours, become increasingly delirious as they prevent my sleep.

At university, I’ve found that spending quiet time with a friend has been very helpful. Many times we will work late into the night. Usually by midnight only a handful of us remain up / working past midnight. I’ll try to find whoever is still up (made easy by the fact that we studied / hung out in a dorm lounge). Maybe some light conversation will ensue. Maybe the lights will be dimmed. I might look up at my friends, who are deeply concentrating, and am reminded we don’t always need to converse to enjoy company. I’ve mentioned a few times that I’m just there for "therapeutic" purposes, but I usually don’t.

About half an hour does it, but if we end up talking a bit it might take up to an hour. I’m still unwinding, its just that I don’t want to leave. I think its universal to find relaxing and sleeping easier in the company of someone close to you. I’m thankful I have such a support system.