Nevertheless, she persisted

During my 2 years (of in-person) at UMD,[1] I regularly visited some family friends. Eat home cooked food, de-stress in peace, play with the kids, etc. They became my host family and I’m in their debt for helping me through college.

During my final visit to them before graduating, the father took me and the kids to the temple. We were served sambar (or dal?), but it was the bottom of the pot with all the solids. The serving lady warned us that the chilies had collected at the bottom.

I jokingly accepted the risk, but my uncle was worried. The serving lady became indignant and said "No, no, I also eat (the chilies). They’re good for you". My uncle shut up and made a face.

One of the few times I saw a women override a man (outside of a family/friend context)!

  1. University of Maryland, College Park