Nevertheless, she persisted

This happened during the pandemic.

TLDR: My balls hurt. I waited 6+ hours to be told to take tylenol.

For several days, I’d felt a slight pain in my balls (say (1 to 2)/10). NBD. The day of this incident, I woke up with it oscillating around a 4. Late in the evening/night (at least past 6), my pain shot up to a 7. I couldn’t walk, there was pressure/tension. I asked my parents to take me to a doctor, but they said to wait till morning. I refused.

We drove to a hospital, the only suitable place open at that hour. Thankfully I live in a dense area, with a hospital nearby. I waited in the waiting room for many hours. There were a few people before us also waiting for many hours. There was some car crash, and the injured were rushed in.

My mother got a hold of the family doctor, who worried it could be torsion. The doctor advised us to beg/be karen/ask to be expedited. In turn, the receptionist informed us of the car crash. I couldn’t tell if she was sympathetic or indifferent. I’m sure she had such people begging all the time. No use begging.

My vitals were taken and "symptoms" were taken (symptoms = "my balls hurt"), and I waited for a couple more hours. A kind nurse came to give me a gown and took me for an ultrasound. I fondled my nuts so she could get good angles. I waited a few more hours for someone to interpret the results. This was too much. I have to wait for my tea leaves to steep, AND for someone to divine the future using them? Divination must be in high demand.

I was given my diagnosis (hydrocele, varicocele), which were some mild/somewhat common conditions. Surgery was only advisable in extreme cases. My pain had subsided amidst all the waiting, and I was advised my condition would likely resolve on its own. I was recommended OTC pain meds.

Upon receipt of the $1200 bill (after insurance applied), my parents chided me for wasting their time.

The entire experience left a bitter taste in my mouth. Had I followed my parents insane advice to avoid or delay treatment, I’d be in an objectively better situation. I’d have resolved it sooner, cheaper, and with less stress. On the other hand, this really could have been something serious. Everyone already knows the myriad ways US healthcare sucks, so I won’t explain.

I really felt it. Anger towards the hospital staff for taking so long. Anger towards insurance for not covering more. Anger towards those injured in the car crash for "taking my spot". Sometimes I feel violently angry. I logically know its none of these people’s fault (well, its definitely insurance’s fault). Violence is not going to help anyone. But logic is not helping my feelings.

My father blamed my biking as the cause. Stupid stupid man. He’s gonna lose his shit when he discovers I’m gay/nb/autistic/atheist.