Nevertheless, she persisted

I have given up on building a theme for my website. I learnt a lot about semantic html, hugo’s api, and go templating. I put all this to good use and designed the html of my theme.

I did not have the stomach to learn css. I looked at the css files of blogs I follow. There was usually 1-3k lines of css, which I would never be able to write by hand. Much of it was autogenerated, evidence of bundling. The default asciidoctor stylesheet is ~2k lines. I can easily imagine what I want, and hugo-bearblog comes very close.

I modified the css a smidge, and added taxonomy pages so one could see my tags and posts under each. I’m missing a sidebar, and post summaries (with some styling I wanted).

My next goals are to integrate asciidoctor with hugo’s chroma support, implement post series, and try to integrate asciidoctor’s css (which is needed for many asciidoc features).

#Hugo #Meta #Css #Dev