Nevertheless, she persisted

I stayed over with some family friends whilst traveling (indian network go brr). Their son said the following to me.

I have this friend on Canada, and he was telling me that Canada is having a woke problem. They’ve become so woke that they’ve wrapped around and become [some synonym for bad that I forget]. Its really crazy man.

Especially with this lgbt shit man. Of course let everyone live the way they want, but don’t force it on kids man.

I don’t think my cousin (the children of my parents friends are my cousins. stfu) or his canadian friend have ever met a queer person. Most Indian immigrants also have Indian social circles, so I don’t think that they’ve met any "woke" people either.

The fact that he just launched into this topic unprompted. We had a short tangent about jordan peterson’s credentials (but not his politics, strangely enough).

Also, after writing this out I noticed he kept calling me "man". Uggh