Nevertheless, she persisted

I’ve been to a handful of parties now at UMD, a few since I’ve graduated.[1] Many (don’t have the XP to say most) parties are racially segregated, this isn’t surprising. Social groups are often along racial / gendered lines.


What surprised me was that at integrated parties, there are very few asians. I found this interesting because UMD is racially diverse, and also I don’t see the same pattern in study groups.

I’m aware that frat’s are racially segregated, but I don’t think too many of the (white) men at these parties were members. I don’t think frat affiliation is the reason.

Bro meets Bro

The other thing is that the nucleus of integrated parties, the organizers, were racially diverse. And they regularly interacted (checking on drinks, watching for spills, dabbing each other up).

But this did not extend to the partygoers.

I guess the organizers would invite their respective (disjoint) friend groups, and thats how the parties became integrated.

When the organizers interacted, it sometimes felt like respective tribe leaders acknowledging each other rather than friends.

Why Am I writing this

Pretty obvious. I went to a party across the street from my friends.

The neighbor wanted to avoid noise complaints and, invited us out of politeness. The cops showed up anyways 👮

  1. Yes I have a problem, no I am not working on it.