Nevertheless, she persisted

It’s Mother’s Day! Lets do the default thing and go out for lunch!

The Outing

I researched restaurants prior, but couldn’t find a high-end place that had veg options. Google Maps was slacking here, we eventually saw many places while driving.

  1. We went to my mom’s choice of restaurant. They only took walk-ins and had a moderate wait (30 mins). This was too long for my mom. I respectfully disagree.
  2. We saw / called a couple other nice places. They were booked out
  3. We decided to go to Thai / Malaysian place. We’d had good experiences here before. They didn’t handle the mothers' day rush. They didn’t do anything fast enough: clearing tables, seating people, taking orders, serving food, billing.

    They prioritized online orders and appetizers. I don’t think this was a good use of their limited kitchen capacity.

    Several family walked out at various stages: before seating, after being seated, after getting appetizers. We left after getting our appetizers and waiting an hour for our main courses.

  4. Finally, my brother was still hungry so we went to Panera for him.

How I Felt

The cascading failures (restaurant researching, pointless waiting and searching, feeding my brother) set me on edge.

My mind was racing. Background music and my mother’s speech annoyed me. I wanted to get out and go home as fast as possible.

How I recovered

We came home. My brother and mother went out to hang with their friends. I had the house to myself.

I did some stretches. It was very calming. I didn’t due it for that reason, I was trying to fix my posture and some back pain and just kept going.