Nevertheless, she persisted

I recently started watching Sorry For Your Loss. I’ve liked it a lot. It is cathartic seeing grief portrayed, even if you don’t think its a good portrayal. I hope to post a review soon.

Anyways, since the show is on facebook it exists in this nether realm. There is a lack of design for a viewing experience. It feels eery, like I am plumbing someone’s innards. They have chucked a tv show into a (cancerous) social media site.

  • The tv show’s page looks like a normal facebook profile page, and is filled with the usual fb garbage (ads and "recommendations").
  • In (what is now normal) facebook fashion, there is no clear delineation between the show and the garbage on the page.
  • There is no playlist, and episodes are in the "videos" section of the fb page (a design meant to easily surface posted media, not movies/tv)
  • When watching an episode, the next episodes are in "related videos", not "next up", or "this season". This is a design meant to make it easier to got caught in stream of short attention grabbing videos. Since an algorithm decides what to put under "related", its not always the next episode.
  • The video player mutes when you pause or scroll down. There is an assumption that there is a stream of short, annoying videos to scroll through and/or ignore.

#Facebook #Enshittification