Nevertheless, she persisted

These past few years, I’ve really enjoyed sampling / eating raw ingredients (sometimes also lightly roasted and with salt).

I’ve liked

  • onion
    • green onion
      • the goop inside green onion
    • the sprout of a red onion. so strong / pungent
  • chives
  • ginger
  • garlic
  • tomatoes
  • egg
  • potatoes (boiled)
  • cinnamon (powder and bark)
    • i chewed the bark for like 20 minutes, it lasted so long
  • saffron
  • chickpeas (boiled, salted)
  • olive oil
  • jaggery
  • cardamom
  • mustard
    • I was trying to replicate the experience of eating wasabi
  • coriander (lots of crunching)

I didn’t like / felt meh about

  • nutmeg
  • celery
  • black pepper (tastes good on stuff)

Part of me wonders what the point of cooking is. /s

Indian food is all about flavor (spice capital baby), so simpler stuff really feels confusing (or bad).