Nevertheless, she persisted

I am 5'10. This is verified by my own measuring tape and the doctor.

The number of men I’ve met who’ve expressed disbelief is too high. There were so many guys (say half a dozen) in high school who’d do this, especially when we were of similar height (they’d be 5'9" - 6'0"). One peer in particular said "Mad respect for saying aloud you’re 5'11" (I think I guesstimated when I told him). Excuse me??? Most recently, my cousins (both of whom are tall, one’s at least 6'1", definitely more) did this. The shorter one, who’s probably 6'0", stood next to me to check. The fucking DMV (or at least, the very polite clerk I got) also didn’t believe me even thought it says it on my license.

Do men collectively believe that 5'10" is 6'0"? Is there some delusion I’ve unintentionally shattered? Is my measuring tape wrong?

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