Nevertheless, she persisted

Dark Mode

I was nerd-sniped twice in the past week. I love packaging software.

All of my apps coodinate their dark mode with the OS. Its a common feature these days, especially since support for dark mode detection has been added to the browser (and can even be used without javascript using media queries!). My terminal, alacritty, does not. It does have theme support, however.

I found a couple macos applications that will run a script when the dark mode changes. I can have said script change my terminal’s theme accordingly. Thankfully, my terminal supports live reload for config changes. I packaged one of dark mode scripting apps, and now all my apps sync their themes!

Whatsapp TUI

I got fed up with the whatsapp web client. I found whatscli and nchat as taui alternatives. Both worked for me. Nchat has telegram support as well, but I disabled that to build quicker.